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How do I use the eSLOE system?

This system will allow you to fill out and download eSLOE PDFs for uploading into ERAS each year. It will also help create other types of SLOEs (oSLOE, etc)

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Other SLOEs

SLOE - Subspecialty Rotation

This is an alternate SLOE for authors from a sub-specialty rotation.

Subspecialty SLOE

SLOE for Non-residency-based EM Physicians

This is an alternate SLOE for authors who do not have an established emergency medicine residency program at their institution.

Nonresidency SLOE


OSLOE stands for ‘off-service’ or ‘other rotation’ SLOE. Medical students! Use this letter in place of the old narrative LOR from rotations like IM, Surgery, OB/GYN, etc.